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Get Fast Cash For Your House Here Is How!

Get Fast Cash For Your House:

A Quick and Transparent House selling Process in New York.

Here Is HOW!

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How to Sell NY House For Cash?

Maximize Value: Our Cash Offers Reflect Your House’s After Repair Market Value

We Buy Any House As Is your local New York company is here to revolutionize the process of selling houses without the need for repairs, making it swift and transparent. We buy houses in any condition and we do it quickly. Whether you are short on budget, dealing with an inherited property, facing foreclosure, or simply want a quick sale, we are here for you. Discover the simplicity behind our approach, what you will gain from it, and how we ensure fair deals every time.

We Make The House Selling Process Easy & Seamless

We streamline the house-selling experience to be swift and effortless. We simplify and expedite the entire process of selling your house by eliminating:

  • Inspections
  • Financial institutions
  • Delayed closing
  • Hidden fees and surprises

Sell Your House Fast In New York

Our Home-Buying Process Is Simple As 1-2-3

Selling your house has never been this simple. Embrace simplicity with our 3-step process. Click to submit your details, get a fair offer, and close on your schedule. Our intuitive graphics guide you through each step, ensuring you understand the process seamlessly. Click now to start your stress-free journey and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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Tell Us About Your Property

Our process kicks off with an initial consultation where we gather basic information about your house. Ready to begin? Simply fill in the form below to get started

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If It Aligns With Our Buying Criteria…

Our experts will meticulously assess your house to determine its true potential value. This thorough evaluation allows us to provide you with a fair and solid offer.

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Choose Your Ideal Closing Date

Once you are thrilled with our offer, we are flexible to close on your schedule. You receive the cash you deserve, we secure the deed, and satisfaction reigns for everyone involved.

Sell my house fast New York

“Selling my house was fast. The process was smooth with no delays. Very professional. I will use them again without hesitation”

MiMi Guzman. Rochester, NY. sell my house fast

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How The Offer Is Generated?

Our offers are based on the After Repaired Value of your property. This way we can make the highest fair offers for your house where we can walk away with our profits, and you with the cash you need. Here is a breakdown of how the offer is generated.

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

This Is How We Calculate Our Cash Offers:

1) We Determine The After Repairs Market Value Of Your House.

The After-Repairs Value (ARV) is a reflection of what your house would be worth if fully renovated, aligning with the current market standards-akin to transformations seen on your favorite HGTV show. Your offer is derived from this value.

2) We Calculate The Cost of Repairs

The Cost Of Repairs indicates the expenditure required for us to renovate the house and elevate its appearance, making it market-ready. our goal is to enhance the house’s value, ensuring a higher offer for you and a satisfactory profit for us.

3) We Determine Our Selling Costs

The Selling Cost includes all three expenses linked to selling a property. While we buy houses directly from homeowners without involving agents, in order to provide you with a higher offer, we aim to sell the renovated house for its maximum value. This entails listing it with an agent, incurring losing costs, agent commissions and taxes.

4) We Take Out Our Profits

Our Profits are reasonable. This is a business and without a profit, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business, buy houses, pay our contractors, and plumbers, etc. Rest assured our profits are fair, and this business prioritizes the highest possible offers (otherwise no one would accept our offers in the first place and we would be out of business!)

In Essence, It Boils Down to this simple concept:

Your offer will be the market value of the house in its fully renovated state, substracting all the costs associated with bringing the house to that condition, and of course by deducting our profits. Our formula is transparent and NO LOWBALL OFFERS here – just a simple concept and honest process.

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” The process was fast and they helped me move free of charge. I highly recommend!”

Yun, Rochester, NY. sell my house fast

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The Mutual benefits of Cash Offers: A Win-Win Approach

benefits of working with number 1 newyork home buyers

Picture this scenario: Your house is in utter disrepair, making it challenging to sell for a substantial amount. In fact, listing it becomes nearly impossible, given that banks typically won’t provide loans for distressed houses.

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Consider the current condition of the house, valued at $40K in its “as is” state. Now envision investing $20K into it ; you could then sell it for $100K. Remarkably, this is the same house we’re talking about.

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Unfortunately, you lack either the financial means or the desire, time and energy to manage contractors, repairs, and the associated stress.

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Cash buyers such as ourselves, may present you with an offer of $65K for your home – a significant $25K ABOVE its current value. our strategy hinges on the fact that, if your house is worth $40K and we offer $65K, subsequent investments totaling $85K raise the house’s value to $100K. This implies a net spending of $85K, resulting in a profit of $15K excluding other costs and taxes for simplicity.

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You get more than what your house is currently worth, we make our minimum profit, and everyone walks away happy. The fine print here is that this situation doesn’t always occur, but that is why you fill in the form, so we can see what options are available to you so you can still walk away with a win (as well as us).

Benefits Working With We Buy Any House As Is

Flexibility to close on your schedule

Pay rent while preparing to move

Receive assistance with your move.

Our Standout Features

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No Official Inspections

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No Closing Costs

No hidden fees to sell your NY house fast

No Hidden Fees

100% free service to sell your NY house fast

Our Services Are 100% free

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Peace Of Mind

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Experience the benefits of selling your house with ease and confidence. Ready to transform your home-selling journey? Click below to get started now or give us a call: (585) 558-6537

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Check out our house selling process on ‘How It Woks‘ or get to know your local home cash buyer better on our ‘About Us‘ page. If you have more questions on selling your home feel free to click on our ‘FAQ page‘ or address your needs by filling the form.