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Contractor: 10 Key Questions

The contractor is the backbone of any construction project and one wrong decision can mess up the entire project. This one decision determines the final outcome of the house construction. Whether you are building a new house or want to do some basic renovations, always hire an experienced house contractor.

How to find the best house contractor for your project? What services should a trusted house contractor offer for your project? How much a house contractor will charge for the remodeling or construction? These are some common questions that you might want to ask but there are some other important questions that you must ask.

House contractor

House Construction or Remodeling Projects can be Expensive

Building a new home or remodeling the existing space requires you to make big investments. A new house construction is the biggest investment for a common person. We all want to invest our resources in the right and quality materials and services.

Paying good money and using high-quality materials will do nothing good if the hired contractor does not have what it takes to complete the project efficiently. For a typical medium-sized kitchen remodel, you can expect to spend an average of $45,000.

In no way you would like to risk such a major investment in the hands of an inexperienced contractor. Some owners have to invest in home renovation as they buy houses in any condition. If you have bought a home in the local auction, you might want to invest in extensive property repairs. No matter what, these projects are costly ventures and you need to be extra careful about hiring the right house contractor.

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How to Hire the Right House Contractor?

When you visit a store to buy something expensive, you ask several questions. Educated buyers spend their time on research and they like to know everything about their purchase. The same goes for hiring a house contractor and you need to ask questions that will help you to determine his experience and quality of work.

Never hire a contractor based on online reviews or recommendations from strangers. Online presence can be deceptive too and you personally need to take an interest in hiring the right person for the job. Here are some common questions that you can ask a contractor to determine if he is the right person for the job or not.

1.      How many years of experience do you have?

An ideal construction contractor will have years of experience in the industry. You can even ask him for his previous work history and inquire about the projects that he completed successfully. Most contractors have these projects listed on their websites and social media profiles.

The sourcing of materials is also an important factor to know when choosing a contractor. Contacts in the market influence the quality of work. If a contractor has a partnership with legitimate suppliers, the end results will be satisfactory. For commercial projects, only certified contractors should be hired because commercial projects are way more complicated and demanding.

2.      Are You Licensed and Insured?

It’s crucial to hire a contractor who is licensed to operate in your area and has the necessary insurance coverage. Some states require you to hire licensed contractors only. In case of any mishap or unwanted situation, you won’t be liable for the damage and your contractor will be responsible for workplace safety.

A licensed contractor has met the minimum requirements set by local authorities and is more likely to adhere to professional standards. Licensed individuals are more likely to offer quality work because they know their reputation is at stake. They are more likely to take every job seriously. Insurance coverage protects you from liability in case of accidents or damages during the project.

3.      Will you Take Care of the Permits?

Depending upon the local state laws and regulations, owners may need permits to make changes to the structure of their houses. Not every job requires permits from the relevant authorities but acquiring these documents can be quite challenging. Almost every contractor knows what type of permits and permissions you need but the right one will get these for you.

Professionals try to make the experience smooth for their clients and they will be ready to go the extra mile for the satisfaction of the clients. Busy clients should ask if the contractor can get the required permits required by the departments.

Note: Permits are required for House Sales too

These permits might come with extra charges but the biggest issue is the time required to get these. Common house owners don’t have knowledge about the legalities of these projects. The same goes for selling unclaimed or ugly houses that require extensive repairs. Instead of doing extensive repairs, owners tend to sell houses as-is without further effort.

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4.      Can You Provide References?

Request a list of references from previous clients and take the time to contact them. Ask about their experience working with the contractor, the quality of workmanship, adherence to timelines and budgets, and any issues encountered during the project. Hearing from past clients can give you valuable insights into the contractor’s reliability and professionalism.

5.      What is your Schedule?

Asking about the schedule for the completion of the job will help you to understand if the contractor is organized to get the job done in a reasonable time. Experienced contractors will try to complete the job as soon as possible so they can go for the other jobs.

Starting a house construction project without proper planning will be a mistake and you may face challenges due to poor planning of the contractor.

6.      What is Your Payment Schedule?

Discuss the payment schedule upfront to avoid any misunderstandings later on. Financial matters should be discussed before starting the project. Be wary of contractors who demand large upfront payments or request cash-only transactions.

If the offer is too good, there might be something wrong because there are some market standards that every professional tries to follow. A reputable contractor will typically request a reasonable deposit upfront and establish a payment schedule based on project milestones.

7.      Who are your Suppliers?

A contractor will be in contact with different vendors and suppliers. These 3rd party suppliers have a big role in the competition of the project. A professional contractor will have reputed suppliers and vendors on board to ensure smooth delivery of materials.

Effective communication with the contractor is the biggest factor that all house owners must prefer. If something goes wrong, you should be able to reach out to the relevant person. Ask for a list of subcontractors and suppliers and check their credentials and reviews.

8.      Who Will Be On-Site?

Ask who will be in charge of the work every day. Make sure you know who to talk to if you have questions. Figure out how often they’ll update you on how things are going. It’s good to have one person you can always reach out to. That way, everyone knows what’s happening, and things get done right.

9.      Will you Clean Up?

Renovation, repairs, or construction projects are going to create huge messes everywhere. You can decide whether you want to have the site cleaned on a daily basis or just at the end of the project. It is better to ask the contractor about cleaning arrangements. You may have to pay extra charges for the clear site if these things are not discussed early on.

10. What Guarantees Do You Offer?

Ask about any warranties or guarantees offered on materials and workmanship. As you are investing massive amounts, you want peace of mind. A reputable contractor should stand behind their work and be willing to address any issues that arise after the project is completed.

Many owners tend to the importance of this phase and they face challenges when things go sideways. Get all guarantees and warranties in writing to protect yourself in case of disputes.

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