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Avoid Real Estate Fraud in New York

The real estate market is never easy to navigate, especially when there are individuals out there who are always ready to scam you. Despite strict rules and regulations, the NY real estate market is no exception when it comes to real estate fraud.

Many local and foreign investors choose cities like New York for their investments. The real estate market in NYC is quite a lucrative opportunity for real estate investors. However, amid the opportunities lie risks, and one of the most significant threats to investors is real estate fraud.

There are different types of real estate fraud that are common in real estate transactions. Any seller, buyer, or real estate agent can be a potential scammer in any market. It does not mean the New York real estate market is not safe for investment. It simply means that you need to be extra careful while conducting these transactions and deals.

Real estate frauds NY

Possible New York Real Estate Scams

Protecting your investment must be a top priority and not paying attention to the details can get you in trouble. Instead of risking everything, it is highly advised to focus on things that matter the most. Here are some possible scams that you need to steer clear of while doing any type of sale and purchase in the New York housing market.

Property Deed Fraud

This is the most common fraud in almost every real estate market. These are more organized crimes and frauds where a scammer or group of scammers prepares fraudulent deeds, mortgages, and other liens against any house or estate without the knowledge of the original owner.

Any owner or resident of NYC can be a victim of this type of fraud but statistics show that mostly immigrants, seniors, and people of other races are targets of these scammers. There are departments that take these matters seriously and every submitted document is reviewed thoroughly but protecting yourself against these possible scams is important.

How to Prevent Property Deed Fraud?

It is important for owners to have the deed record checked once a year by the office of the City Registrar. To verify the deed record, you will have to provide the office with the block and lot number for your property and these details can be found on your most recent property tax bill.

There is another option to prevent possible fraud by signing up for the Notice of Record Document Program. Under this program, you will be automatically notified whenever a new document or deed is recorded against your registered property.

Bait and Switch Real Estate Scam

Most new real estate agent uses this approach to attract clients. Even other scammers also opt for this technique where they will list an attractive property for sale or rent. When interested buyers reach out to the person, it will be said that certain listing is already taken but there are other options available for you.

The idea of such an ad is to get the customer data and contact details. In reality, most of these listed properties or houses don’t even exist. They just post random properties with lucrative price tags to grab the attention of the audience. Avoid sharing sensitive data with such agents or con artists. Always rely on the services of a platform where only verified ads or listings are posted.

Any agent who starts pitching other properties and houses when you contact them is actually trying to use bait-and-switch techniques. This is pretty common practice in many markets and you need to be aware of these practices.

Common Listing Scams

We all come across hundreds of listings on social media and other platforms. Some of these houses are listed by individuals who are not even the real owners of these properties. Involvement in such properties can create serious legal issues for you.

Many agents rent out Airbnb properties on their own terms and in case of any mishap, you are left alone as the platform will offer no assistance for your problem. Sometimes people set non-refundable visitor fees. When many interested buyers submit their fees, they will start making excuses and your fee won’t be refunded. Even though the fee amount is usually small, it is still a scam. 

Signs that a Listing is a Scam

Anyone who is asking you to pay in advance is a red flag. Normally, there are standard market practices that are followed everywhere and the same goes for the New York real estate market. Another thing is that fraudulent listings are usually too good to be true. When someone is too eager to sell or buy anything without verifying the essential factors, this is a red flag.

No one is unaware of standard SOPs these days. No owner is going to list his house or estate way below the market rates. Sometimes financial situations may force owners to lower the prices but even in these situations, listed prices are realistic.

Real estate agents and con artists use different tactics to attract innocent buyers and sellers. We highly recommend analyzing and reviewing every possible aspect of any real estate transaction. It is better to be careful from the very start instead of regretting later.

How to Avoid New York Real Estate Frauds?

Before making any investment, conduct extensive research on the property and the seller. Verify the ownership and title of the property through official records and ensure that the seller has the legal authority to transact the sale.

You should not be dealing with anyone who is not legally entitled to oversee the deal. Even the relevant real estate agent must be legally permitted by the seller or buyer to assist the process on their behalf. Additionally, research the reputation of the seller or the real estate agency involved to identify any red flags or complaints.

Review Contracts Carefully

Never sign any documents or contracts without thoroughly reviewing them first. It is common for buyers to trust the seller and believe his claims. Even with the closest persons, never ignore the importance of proper legal paperwork.

Pay close attention to the terms and conditions, including any clauses related to fees, commissions, or obligations. If any term is ambiguous and you don’t clearly understand it, ask for clarification instead of just agreeing to it. Consider seeking legal advice from a qualified real estate attorney to ensure that the contract is fair and legally binding.

Watch Out for Pressure Tactics

Beware of sellers or agents who use high-pressure tactics to push you into making a hasty decision. Sellers and real estate agents may use different sale techniques and pressure methods to force you into making quick decisions. Take your time to conduct due diligence and consult with trusted advisors before committing to any investment.

Remember that legitimate sellers will respect your need to carefully consider your options. Fear of missing out is also a common factor here as sellers will make you realize that missing this opportunity will be a loss for you. They pretend that many other buyers are also interested and you might lose the chance. Well, there are always other options available in the market. You should only make informed decisions.

Stay Informed About Scams

Educate yourself about common real estate scams and fraud schemes prevalent in New York. You should stay updated on recent news and developments in the real estate market, and remain vigilant for any warning signs of fraudulent activity. By staying informed, you can better protect yourself from falling victim to scams.

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